Nathan Edwards

Nathan Edwards

Review of Gospel Speech Online

Gospel Speech Online is a very small book by Lionel Windsor that I would describe as a primer on the subject of relating to others in the online sphere. I was blessed to attend the same church as Lionel in Durham, UK, a few years back, so when I heard he'd written a book on a subject that is close to my heart I snapped it up.

If you've got an hour and a couple of quid to spare this is definitely a useful book to any of us that use social media. I found that while Lionel didn't offer many answers he made some acute observations on the nature of social media which are definitely helpful to start framing a Gospel driven groundwork to the way we use it.

His chapter on the paradoxes of social media is particularly useful as it helps to shine a little bit of light on how social networks help and hinder our lives.

It definitely isn't a comprehensive book of doctrine or wisdom when it comes to social media, it is a very short book, and it's possible that the same content could have been written in a few blog posts. However it's very much worth a read as a start to thinking about social media with a gospel mindset.